IC-Health’s achievements presented in Spain and Hungary

The IC-Health consortium has been busy in the last few months. Partners have not only conducted co-creation activities to design MOOCs to improve digital health literacy, they have also developed the said-MOOCs and are now in the final testing phase. Is that it? Of course not. IC-Health partners have also been disseminating the achievements of the project throughout Europe. The consortium is aware that the project cannot be sustainable without a solid dissemination and communication strategy, which will ensure that as many European citizens as possible can have a chance to improve their digital health literacy.

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Help us and test the IC-Health MOOCs

Do you sometimes search for health-related information online? You are not the only one!  Six out of ten citizens have already look for health-related information online. Internet is a wealth of information. Unfortunately, many citizens are still afraid of not having good enough skills to find and identify trustworthy information on the Internet.

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Watch IC-Health Promotional Videos!

In the last couple of months, IC-Health partner EHMA has worked together with Seeing the Brick Motion Studio to create and produce three promotional videos of the project. The videos aim to support the dissemination effort of all the partners and showcase the results of the IC-Health project.

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