Check the last issue of the IC-Health Newsletter!

At the beginning of October, the Project Consortium has released a new issue of the project newsletter!

In this release, you will find key information about our official Dissemination videos, the new edition of the IC-Health leaflets, our Digital Health Literacy platform and, of course, our project final conference!

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“Improving Digital Health Literacy” Conference


This is the Final conference of the Horizon2020 project “IC-Health” on digital literacy.

Citizens’ digital health literacy is an essential element for successful eHealth deployment. However, citizens often do not have the necessary skills to find, understand and appraise online health information and apply their knowledge to make health decisions. Digitally health literate citizens are empowered to play a more active role in their health self management, resulting in improved prevention, adherence to a healthier lifestyle and better health outcomes.

IC-Health is providing support for the improvement of digital health literacy in Europe. In particular, the project has successfully designed 35 open access online courses (MOOCs), in eight different national languages, for different population cohorts including children, adolescents, pregnant and lactating women, elderly and people affected or susceptible to be affected by type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

The conference is open to public and is free of charge. Register here and join this fascinating dialogue about the health futures!

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DIGITAL HEALTH & CARE: Europe seeks the code for digital health


Since computer technology can nowadays find you the best restaurant or the quickest route home, keep you in touch with friends around the globe, and help you in a job search, it seems common logic that it should become a routine part of the health care scene, too.

Though only up to a point, as it turns out. The logic is impeccable. The logistics are less evident.

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