Co-creating MOOCs with children and adolescents

IC-Health co-creation process continues all around Europe, this time with children and adolescents. IC-Health partners Meyer Children’s Hospital organised a co-creation session on 25th November with children and adolescents, while Comitato Collaborazione Medica also conducted a session with adolescents on 13th November.

The groups discussed various ways to ensure good quality information while searching for health-related information online. Particular focus was brought on Google search and source reliability, and how to recognise trustworthy health care sites. Students had great ideas on the structure of the MOOC too, such as making the course as interactive as possible and include personal experiences.

One of the key aspects of the IC-Health project is to involve ordinary citizens in the creation process of the MOOCs in order to make the online courses tailored as closely as possible to citizens’ needs. Each target group is thus able to design a course whose content and structure reflect the characteristics of other fellow citizens. As such, although every MOOC will aim to improve digital health literacy skills, all MOOCs will be different from one another. It will be very interesting to see the differences in presenting information not only between target groups but also between countries!

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