Co-creation workshop together with Belgian elderly people

IC-Health partner EHMA – European Health Management Association has conducted a series of workshops with Belgian elderly people to try and improve the way they look for health-related information online. The discussions were very active and allowed for great ideas to be exchanged.

The first session was held in the University of Third Age in Liege on 24th  November 2017. The participants discussed the difficulties that elderly people face when browsing the Internet, in particular basic use of online tools. Most participants stated that they lacked proper digital literacy, which prevents them from making full use of the Internet. It was therefore agreed that more focus should be brought onto developing digital literacy when developing the MOOC.

The second session was held in the Vital Club in Liege on 15th December 2017. This group was slightly different from the first one and was in general more comfortable in using the Internet. The participants discussed various instances for which the Internet has been useful to look for health-related information. However, most of the participants will only use Internet as a source of additional information, but will not change their lifestyle based on what they found online. This trend highlights the important role that doctors still play in health management for this particular group.

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