Communities of Practice

Children, adolescents, elderly, pregnant and lactating women and people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes will be mobilised into 35 Communities of Practices (CoPs) to co-create 35 MOOCs on digital health literacy. They will be informed about project activities and results and they will be able to share experience, knowledge, opinions and intentions for the design and use of the MOOCs.

What is a Community of Practice? CoPs are a spontaneous phenomenon among people who share common interests and passion and who meet to learn from each other.

  • CoPs are characterised by mutual engagement on a shared domain of interest, development of joint activities and sharing of a repertoire of resources – experiences, stories, etc;
  • CoPs are different from workshops because of their continuity and from social network that has open boundaries and does not necessarily aims at learning.

Under IC-Health CoPs will have several meeting opportunities: meetings will take different forms (workshops, round tables, working groups) and cover several aspects.

The role of national coordinators will be to provide inputs for discussion and to guide those towards the creation of the online open courses.


 Platform for online MOOCs co-creation

The platform, accessible upon registration, will gather the representatives of population cohorts involved in the offline Communities of Practice, but it will be also open to other individuals wishing to join the online co-creation.