IC-Health @ 12th Laboratorio di Marketing Sociale e Comunicazione per la Salute

IC-Health partner CCM – Associazione Comitato Collaborazione Medica participated in the 12th Laboratorio di Marketing Sociale e Comunicazione per la Salute on 18th April 2018. The event was held by the Regione Piemonte – Assessorato alla Sanità in Torino, Italy.

The event was aimed at training health and social-health workers on social marketing and health promotion. The IC-Health project occupied half of the laboratory and was taken as an example of a project in health promotion.

CCM presented the various phases of the project, including the co-creation activities and MOOC development. Subsequently the participants were divided into three groups – corresponding to the three population groups managed by CCM during the IC-Health co-creation activities. The IC-Health MOOC was shown to participants, who then elaborated a SWOT analysis on it.

Both the organizers of the event and the participants proved to be very interested in the project. They expressed the desire to deepen the subject more and some have contacted CCM later for more information.

Participating in this kind of events is certainly very useful, both to make the project known, and to support the sustainability of the project beyond its duration. Furthermore, meeting such a vast number of different professionals dedicated to health promotion was an excellent opportunity to gather feedback on the MOOC.

IC-Health MOOCs will be made available soon on this platform and on our other social media channels. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the project’s latest developments!

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