IC-Health makes the news in Italy!

On 11th February 2018, representatives from the four italian partners of IC-Health, CCM – Centro Collaborazione Medica, Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche, Meyer Hospital and University of Udine, had the chance to present the project on the pages of one of the most important italian newspapers, ‘Il Corriere della Sera‘.

Our partners organisations, represented by Alessia Montanari (CCM), Fernando Ferri (CNR), Pietro del Giudice (University of Udine), and Lorenzo Lenzi (Meyer Hospital) summarised the first year of project activities, trying to answer to the question ‘Can increased digital health literacy support self health management and facilitate the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals?‘. Interviewed by Ruggiero Corcella, healthcare journalist and senior editor of the Health editorial staff at Il Corriere, our partners touched key aspects of IC-Health work, objectives and rationale, also focussing on the challenges related to the four core skills the project is working on: find, understand, appraise and apply health information available online.

Today you can access a huge amount of information on the internet – stressed Fernando Ferri, referent of the project for the CNR-. Unfortunately, besides verified and quality sources, it is also possible to come across potentially harmful information‘.

Alessia Montanari, from CCM, called attention on the importance of IC-Health’s four skills and what they stand for: how to look for health information online, how to understand it, how to assess and verify its reliability, and how to apply it in everyday life. Closing the article, Pietro del Giudice (University of Udine) and Lorenzo Lenzi (Meyer), explained in more details the co-creation process that is fuelling the preparation of the project MOOCs, highlighting the different approaches and results obtained from the workshops organised with the different IC-Health population cohorts: children, teenagers, pregnant and lactating women, diabetes patients and 60+ citizens.


If you are interested in reading the full article (in italian), you can download it here.

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