The IC-Health offline co-creation activities are finally live!

The next phase of the IC-Health project has officially started! Activities all over Europe are about to take place with the crucial aim of improving digital health literacy and of empowering citizens to play a more active role in their health self-management. IC-Health partners are organising activities, workshops and meetings with ordinary citizens to co-create MOOCs, which will then be made available online, and for free!

IC-Health partners Servicio Canario de la Salud – Gobierno de Canarias in Spain and the University of Ulster in the UK have already conducted their first co-creation activities with their respective target groups, and the sessions were very productive. The final results of these meetings will be MOOCs that should be available early 2018.

Lively exchanges at the first Diabetes Patients CoP meeting in Spain

The University of Ulster, together with two different groups of elderly people, brainstormed on the content and structure of a MOOC specifically designed for elderly people in the UK. For three hours, participants discussed relevant health topics and how the course could help citizens to search for health-related information online.

The Servicio Canario de la Salud – Gobierno de Canarias also organised its first meeting with people affected with diabetes type 1 at the Insular Hospital of Gran Canaria. Participants were divided into smaller groups and asked to write down their suggestions on paper boards, which encouraged creativity and exchange of ideas.

The IC-Health consortium is excited about the work ahead and cannot wait to share with you further progress. If you are interested in joining these sessions or get more information on the project in general, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or subscribe to our newsletter. And do not forget to check our website page dedicated to the IC-Health offline co-creation activities!



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