IC-Health presented at EHMA 2017 Annual Conference (Milan, Italy)

On Tuesday 13th June, the IC-Health project was presented during the EHMA 2017 Annual Conference hosted by Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

EHMA Annual Conference is an international knowledge sharing event, where participants from all around Europe and beyond have the opportunity to share their knowledge and explore fundamental managerial and policy issues.

Hosted by Bocconi University, this year’s Annual Conference revolved around the topic of “Health Futures“. Two perspectives was considered. On the one hand, delegates tried to identify external trends in demography, technology, economy and culture and discuss what those trends mean for the demands on and organisation of our Healthcare systems in the (near) future. On the other hand, they attempted to assess how such changes are impacting the current reform agenda and whether they are making service improvement challenging to achieve.

The presentation was held by Michele Calabro’, Policy and Project Officer at EHMA, during which he presented the project’s aim, the results of the survey on digital health literacy and the next steps regarding the co-creation processes. Check out the presentation by clicking here.

The EHMA Conference delegates also had the chance to know more about the project from the IC-Health leaflet. A digital version of the brochure will be soon available for download.


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