Watch IC-Health Promotional Videos!

In the last couple of months, IC-Health partner EHMA has worked together with Seeing the Brick Motion Studio to create and produce three promotional videos of the project. The videos aim to support the dissemination effort of all the partners and showcase the results of the IC-Health project.

What are the videos about?

Each video focuses on a specific aspect of the two-year project.

  • The first video, IC-Health Project, gives a short overview of the project and how partners have contributed to improve digital health literacy in Europe.
  • The second video, IC-Health co-creation activities, is a slideshow of the co-creation activities that were conducted with the five pre-identified population groups. It includes pictures from Spain, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Denmark.

  • The third video, IC-Health MOOCs, is a short tutorial on how to use the MOOCs co-created by our Communities of Practice, and provides all the necessary information to make your learning experience as pleasant as possible.

What do you think? We are personally very happy with the results!

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