IC-Health’s achievements presented in Spain and Hungary

The IC-Health consortium has been busy in the last few months. Partners have not only conducted co-creation activities to design MOOCs to improve digital health literacy, they have also developed the said-MOOCs and are now in the final testing phase. Is that it? Of course not. IC-Health partners have also been disseminating the achievements of the project throughout Europe. The consortium is aware that the project cannot be sustainable without a solid dissemination and communication strategy, which will ensure that as many European citizens as possible can have a chance to improve their digital health literacy.

First off, IC-Health partner GOBCAN recently attended two events to promote the project’s results. On June 9, 2018, the organisation participated in the Association of Young Researchers of Tenerife (JINTE) Fair that was taking place in Tenerife, Spain. The JINTE Fair aimed to open the doors of research to society and create awareness of the need for greater public investment in R&D&I. The IC-Health project was disseminated through a stand accessible to all the public participating in the fair, and participants seemed keen to know more about the project.

On June 19, 2018, GOBCAN also attended the Health Economics Meeting (AES) Fair in Gran Canaria, Spain. The fair aimed to present proposals that involve citizens in the management of their health. In particular, it aimed to promote shared health decision-making among citizens, patients, clinicians, healthcare technology providers and decision-makers; the improvement of digital literacy in population health; tools to facilitate shared decision making are shown; and to explain how health economics can help achieve improvements in population health and reduce inequalities. The IC-Health project was again disseminated via a stand and a real success!

Finally, on June 20, 2018, IC-Health partner EHMA presented IC-Health during their own EHMA 2018 Annual Conference “Making it Happen”, which took place at the Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary. The theme of the conference, “Making it happen,” aimed to raise discussions about the delivery of changes and overcoming challenges in health policy implementation through cutting-edge presentations, provocative debates and high-level networking sessions. IC-Health was presented during a 10-minute lunch session. The presenter discussed the overall aim of the project and what had been done so far, in particular the MOOCs. The audience was shown the tutorial video and asked to test them. In addition, an IC-Health booth was exposed in the Learning Lab area.

All partners hope to keep the momentum going and ensure that the project receives the attention it deserves.

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