Annual General Assembly in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

IC-Health partners met in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria on 1st December 2017 and held the first General Assembly of the project. The event was held at the premises of the Health Service of the Government of Canary Islands and was organised by Consulta Europa, with the support of the project coordinator. Each work package leader presented the work that had been carried so far, and what the next steps will be.

Partners were particularly interested in sharing with the others their experiences and described the main successes and difficulties encountered so far when dealing with offline and online co-creation. One of the main difficulties encountered by partners relate to the cohort of the pregnant and lactating women. They usually have difficulties in finding time to meet offline, but are very active on the online IC-Health platform. On the other hand, seniors have more time and are more willing to engage offline, but some of them do not make use of the Internet to search for health-related information. Those examples highlight the importance of working with diverse target groups and to create MOOCs that will answer each group’s specific needs.

Furthermore, partners recognised the need to engage more on the European room of the IC-Health platform. The platform was created to allow participants of the Communities of Practice to engage after the offline meetings, and each target group in each country has a specific room dedicated to them. A European room was also created to stimulate the debate on digital health literacy. For more information, please click here.

The next General Assembly meeting will be organised at the end of the project, in conjunction with the final conference in Brussels in October 2018. In the meantime, do not hesitate to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and to participate in the European room of the IC-Health platform!

Co-creating MOOCs with children and adolescents


CCM working with adolescents on a MOOC tailored for Italian adolescents

IC-Health co-creation process continues all around Europe, this time with children and adolescents. IC-Health partners Meyer Children’s Hospital organised a co-creation session on 25th November with children and adolescents, while Comitato Collaborazione Medica also conducted a session with adolescents on 13th November.

The groups discussed various ways to ensure good quality information while searching for health-related information online. Particular focus was brought on Google search and source reliability, and how to recognise trustworthy health care sites. Students had great ideas on the structure of the MOOC too, such as making the course as interactive as possible and include personal experiences.

Children and adolescents affected with diabetes brainstorm about digital health literacy

One of the key aspects of the IC-Health project is to involve ordinary citizens in the creation process of the MOOCs in order to make the online courses tailored as closely as possible to citizens’ needs. Each target group is thus able to design a course whose content and structure reflect the characteristics of other fellow citizens. As such, although every MOOC will aim to improve digital health literacy skills, all MOOCs will be different from one another. It will be very interesting to see the differences in presenting information not only between target groups but also between countries!

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Discover the IC-Health Newsletter!

The IC-Health Consortium is happy to share with you the first issue of our project newsletter, released on the 30th October 2017. On a quarterly basis, we will wrap up the core findings of IC-Health, providing you with key information, insights into our co-creation activites, and much more.

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IC-Health also focuses on patients with diabetes at ISPAD 2017

In the last few weeks, IC-Health partners have been very busy dissemination as much as possible the work that is being carried all across Europe to improve digital health literacy among citizens, and that is great news.

Barbara Piccini from Meyer Children’s Hospital in Italy has participated and represented the IC-Health consortium at the 43rd Annual Conference of the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes. The conference, which was held in Innsbruck between 18th October and 21st October 2017, was organised by the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD). Read More »

Spotlight on IC-Health at the eHealth Forum 2017 in Athens

The IC-Health partners Alessia Montanari (CCM) and Yowali Kabamba (EHMA) participated and represented the consortium at the eHealth Forum in Athens between 19th October and 21st October 2017.

The conference was dedicated to tracking and promoting innovative stakeholders and continuous developments, in the digital health sector, from across the world. It was organized as an exhibition fair, and most of the exhibitions had stands of software houses and start-ups developing e-health technologies. Most of them were Greek.

Two sessions on IC-Health were conducted during the forum. The project was first presented during an-hour session in the main hall on Friday 20th October. A IC-Health stand was also displayed during the four days of the conference in the exhibition hall. Finally, a simulation of a co-creation workshop was conducted for 1 ½ hour in the exhibition hall on Saturday 21st October.

The workshop simulation in particular proved to be particularly relevant for IC-Health. The participants gave valuable insight and tips on how the MOOCs should be structured and what should be included in them.

The workshop simulation was streamed through Twitter live. To rewatch the simulation, check out the eHealth Forum Twitter page here, and do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for the most recent updates on IC-Health!

IC-Health @ eHealth Tallinn 2017 and ScanBalt Forum 2017

Between 16 and 18 October 2017, IC-Health Consortium partner Thomas Karopka (ScanBalt), participated in two key eHealth focused events in Tallinn, Estonia: eHealth Tallinn 2017 and ScanBalt Forum 2017. Read More »

The IC-Health offline co-creation activities are finally live!

The next phase of the IC-Health project has officially started! Activities all over Europe are about to take place with the crucial aim of improving digital health literacy and of empowering citizens to play a more active role in their health self-management. Read More »

The Next Phase of IC-Health is in Motion!

The IC-Health partners met in Turin, Italy on 27th-29th June 2017 for a three-day seminar on the Co-creation process, key component of the project and the next step of IC-Health. Read More »

IC-Health presented at EHMA 2017 Annual Conference (Milan, Italy)

On Tuesday 13th June, the IC-Health project was presented during the EHMA 2017 Annual Conference hosted by Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Read More »

IC-Health presented at CHR Conference: Littératie en santé… vous pouvez répétez Docteur ? (Liege, Belgium)

On Tuesday 23rd May, EHMA, one of the partner organisations, briefly discussed the IC-Health project during a conference on health literacy held at the CHR Liege in Belgium. Read More »