IC-Health is a project to develop a series of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to help improve digital health literacy levels of European citizens.

IC-Health population cohorts will work alongside researchers, healthcare professionals and web designers in a series of Communities of Practice (CoPs) to co-create the MOOCs. CoPs are a spontaneous phenomenon among people who share common interests and passion and who meet to learn from each other. CoPs will have several offline meeting opportunities, moreover they will also interact on this platform to provide further feedback on MOOC structure and content.

The Platform is composed of different “rooms”, each one dedicated to a specific CoP, divided per country. Communities of Practice are moderated by appointed national coordinators from the IC-Health Consortium. In addition to CoP rooms, there is also an extra room called ‘Europe’ devoted to the exchange of knowledge and information on digital health literacy at Eu level and to support the creation of a wider network of interest around the work of the IC-Health project.

If you are interested in taking part in the online co-creation of IC-Health CoPs and/or in joining the EU Platform for Digital Health Literacy, join us on http://ichealthplatform.eu/  !!