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Personal information you may share with us through this site includes name and contact information in the event of you completing a contact form or registering to get involved in the project. We have made efforts to collect the minimum information needed to respond to queries and requests.

Although we have rigorous technical and organisational security procedures in place to keep your information secure, including use of an SSL certificate and strong passwords, you are advised to remember that the internet is not always a secure medium. If you are unsure about submitting any information to us, or you wish for us to edit or remove any information we might hold of you, please contact us by telephone, fax or post instead. Our contact details are set out in the Contact section of the Website.

IC-Health will not share your personal information to any other organisation or to other projects without first obtaining your consent. We shall keep your personal information for the duration of the project and up to a year after its end to ensure the sustainability of the project even after its completion.

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