Click on the links below to download our public project deliverables:

The deliverable 1.1 carries out a review of literature on key factors, drivers, barriers and trends on digital health literacy. Also, the report presents the findings of a country based research on relevant actions and policies in the field of digital health literacy and e-inclusion.

The deliverable 1.2 presents the results of the survey on digital health literacy developed by the IC-Health consortium and circulated in 8 countries among 5 different population cohorts (children, adolescents, pregnant and lactating women, elderly and patients with diabetes).

The deliverable 1.3 provides a description on the profile of IC-Health target groups in terms of their propensity to digital literacy, health literacy and digital health literacy.

The deliverable 1.4 provides a communication and engagement strategy for the involvement of population cohorts in the co-creation process and use of the MOOCs.

The deliverable 2.1 provides the theoretical and practical framework for the delivery of co-creation activities aimed at developing MOOCs on digital health literacy.

The deliverable 2.2 provides information on the MOOC on co-creation that has been developed.

The deliverable 2.3 provides information on main content and conclusions of the co-creation seminar for national coordinators. It also includes the list of participants and the agenda of the event.

The deliverable 5.1 provides information of the dissemination and communication strategy of IC-Health, which will consider when, where and how the identified target groups will be reached by the dissemination and communication activities. It will guide the roll-out of WP5 .

The deliverable 5.2 consists of a CRM database with details of key stakeholders individuated by EHMA and by the other project partners.

The deliverable 5.3 aims to outline key information about processes and structures related to the development and maintenance of the project website and the definition of the project visual identity.

The deliverable 5.5 provides an overview of the structure and design of the Platform for digital health literacy.

The deliverable 5.6 consists of periodical reports on the participation in additional events as the project activities will be presented in other events or conferences.

The deliverable 6.5 sets out the ethical framework within which IC-Health should operate. It provides useful guidance to the Project Consortium on how to deal with ethical issues relevant to this project.