University of Udine’s Last Co-Creation Activity

IC-Health partner University of Udine conducted their third and last co-creation activity with elderly Italian citizens. During the workshop, the participants of the Community of Practice were able to test and fine tune the MOOC they had previously developed together.

The MOOC, called “Alfabetizzazione sanitaria digitale – Strategie Internet per la salute, dedicato agli over 60” has been especially designed for Italian citizens over 60. This means that the course is not only in Italian, but also focusses on skills and examples relevant for elderly people.

Similarly to other IC-Health MOOCs, this course has been split into five modules, as described below:

  • Introduction to the concept of digital health literacy;
  • How to find health-related information online;
  • How to understand health-related information online;
  • How to evaluate the trustworthiness of health-related information online; and
  • How to make informed decisions to maintain or improve one’s health based on information found online.

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